Eco Conscious

We have to live in this world just like anyone else, and we are committed to leaving our environment in at least the same condition we found it, if not better.
To Start, we use nearly all recyclable or environmentally friendly materials in our wares, from the copper in our hummingbird feeders to our web site.
The only exception would be the cord used to hand our feeders and houses and the string used to "tie" our wind chimes.
The boxes we use are 100% recycled fiber board and our shipping boxes are 100% recycled corrugated board. We use natural, not bleached, packing tissue made form 100% recycled paper.
To start, this website is hosted on servers that are 100% wind powered.
In addition we utilize "re-purposed" items such as plastic buckets and pails from the grocery store bakery that would otherwise be crushed and land-filled.
And many of our garden art items are made from re purposed steel pipe, discarded wooden water skis or other materials that might end up in the trash heap.
Our website is hosted on servers that are powered by 100% wind power, and we limit our use of splashy graphics that increase load time and waste customers bandwidth.
We use organic practices in our gardens, herbs and planting. It really costs no more and after all we eat this stuff too. It's nice to know what we are putting in our bodies.
We could go on but let us just say, this is not an effort to change the way we do business to earn your support. Rather it is the way we always have operated because it just makes sense.
Our site products have always been and will continue to be Eco Conscious
Phyllis and Tom